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Meet Jennifer Sulger

Jennifer Sulger is a Tucson native, 500-hour Certified Yoga Teacher. She has practiced many forms of yoga, including Hot Yoga since 2001. She began her yoga journey after undergoing the first of three spinal surgeries, which left her with physical limitations. While seeking ways to strengthen her body, she found a yoga practice in Colorado. 

After returning to Tucson, yoga became a regular part of her life. She began yoga teacher training in 2014 and earned her 200-hour certificate. She then, completed her 300-hour certificate in 2019. Since earning her certifications, she has taught at several local studios before founding her new yoga studio. 

As a student, you'll learn about structural integration, meditation and breathwork, and how it can improve you body, spirit and mind. 

Jennifer Sulger

new yoga studio 

in tucson , AZ

Find energy and peace through an invigorating practice at Drishti Yoga Tucson. Our Arizona-based yoga studio is the perfect place for both beginners and seasoned yogis to challenge their flexibility, balance, and strength. 

Yoga isn’t just exercise; it’s a way of life. Under the guidance of our yoga instructor, Jennifer Sulger, you’ll learn the fundamentals of this practice and how to incorporate it into your daily life. From breathwork to mantras to poses, you’ll discover what’s needed to remove your ego and connect to the world. 

A Yoga Studio for Every Level

Yoga is one of the best practices to begin because it’s perfect for everyone. When people think of yoga, they often think of impossible poses, but yoga isn’t only for the well-balanced or flexible individual. At Drishti Yoga Tucson, you’ll explore all of the poses available to you including modifications. During your yoga practice, it’s normal to feel frustrated that you can’t do it all. By learning how to check in with yourself, listen to your body, and forgive yourself, you can accomplish anything. At our yoga studio, you’ll reach new heights and become stronger inside and out.

Drishti Focus

During your class, you may hear the phrase “find your drishti.” In yoga, when a pose requires balance and focus, we refer to it as ‘drishti.’ Your point of drishti could be the floor, the wall, or a fellow yogi’s mat. Our yoga instructor will encourage you to find your drishti, whether it be a mantra, a specific way of breathing, or a physical point of concentration. By practicing drishti, you’ll cultivate a deeper sense of awareness and internalize your yoga practice. 

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